1. Special Report–December Corn–5/24/2011

    The included chart shows that December Corn prices look strong and may possible move sharply higher over the next few months. On the other hand, if summer weather cooperates, we could also end up with a very large crop thus pulling prices back down. We are currently short 6 December Corn $4.20 puts …Read More

  2. August Crude Oil–5/28/2010

    Next Monday, May 31st, it is Memorial Day Holiday. All US futures market pits will be closed including the stock market. There will be some limited computer trading until 10:30am Monday morning in equity indexes, and until noon Monday in currencies, interest rates. The volume should be very small. T…Read More

  3. March Crude Oil–12/31/2009

    March Crude Oil is up 45 cents at $80.48 per barrel this morning as I write. The included chart shows that March Crude Oil continues to stay well supported and is testing the light blue down trend line coming down from the October/November consolidation pattern. The directional movement indicators a…Read More

  4. March Corn–12/31/2009

    Overnight, March Corn was up 2 ¾ cents at $4.16 ½ per bushel. The include chart shows that March Corn is beginning to show more and more strength and resilience while trading near the upper end of the trading range. The only thing remaining is for March corn to break out over the $4.25 area on goo…Read More

  5. February Gold–12/31/2009

    February Gold is up $11.00 per ounce this morning at $1103.50 as I write. The included chart shows that February Gold is starting to show some support in the $1075 area on the bottom side and resistance in the area of the downward sloping 40 day exponential moving average at about $1115.00. The dire…Read More

  6. March Treasury Bonds–12/31/2009

    March Treasury Bonds are down 6/32 this morning at 115:22 as I write. The included chart shows that March T-Bonds are still involved in a fairly steep decline in price ever since the neckline of the double top was broken a week ago in the 117:00 area. That 117:00 area is now resistance on any rallie…Read More

  7. March Euro–12/31/2009

    The March Euro is up 44 ticks at 1.4377 this morning as I write. The included chart shows that the Euro is still in an intermediate term down trend but is beginning to show support just above the 200 day moving average. The directional movement indicators are still bearish but narrowing and the ADX …Read More

  8. March Mini S&P Index–12/31/2009

    The March Mini S&P Index is up 1.50 points at 1123.50 this morning as I write. The included chart shows that the S&P index continues to edge higher, seemingly every day, relentlessly as many analysts continue to look for corrections, every day, relentlessly. I will begin to worry when the an…Read More

  9. February Gold–11/27/2009

    February Gold is down $11.30 per ounce this morning at $1177.30 after being down as much as $52 per ounce overnight on the news that Dubai wants to delay payments to 70 international banks for the next six months. The amount involved supposed is about $60 billion dollars. That means that almost all …Read More

  10. 10/30/09 – December Corn

    Overnight, December Corn was down 4 ¾ cents at $3.74 ¾. The enclosed chart shows that December Corn had a strong ten cent rally off the correction lows yesterday. The correction lows came very close to both the 40 and 90 day exponential moving averages that come in around the $3.62 area. Just as i…Read More